Ever Edge - Flexible Steel Garden Edging
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Installation Instructions

Cut border   Position EverEdge   Fix EverEdge into ground
Form a new edge, or re-cut the existing edge deeper to effectively make a trench for EverEdge.   1.Place EverEdge in position.
Scraping the spikes from left to right in the soil helps to seat it well.
2.Ensure EverEdge logo is facing the front and that the new piece being installed has the male section locking into the female not visa-versa.
  Using a rubber mallet or a hammer on a block of wood, drive the EverEdge into the ground until your edge is flush with the turf level.
Lock EverEdge together   Secure EverEdge   Bend EverEdge to desired shape
Interlock the overlap as shown.   When all the EverEdge is installed press in the tongue using a screwdriver..
Only push to about 45.
  Using either another piece of EverEdge or a length of timber EverEdge can be bent to the required angle before installing.

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