Ever Edge - Flexible Steel Garden Edging
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Product Dimensions

Ever Edge is sold in units of 5 strips (5 metres) per pack. The 75 mm product satisfies most situations. The standard colour is Brown, but Ever Edge can be ordered in any colour desired.
  • Spikes now 4mm wider at top.
  • Spike distances are evened up.
  • All three sizes can be joined together.
  • Now available in heavy duty 2.5mm version as well as the standard 1.6mm which is a 56% increase in thickness for added strength when required.

Standard | Heavy Duty | Unpainted/Black/Green | BeSpoke | ProEdge


ProEdge is ideal for projects where landscapers are installing large quantities such as drives and walkways.

Due to the longer length ProEdge is particularly useful when edging long radii as it will highlight a clean continuous edge. With a connection every 2.5 metres ProEdge is more aesthetic when run in long continuous lines.

Ref Thickness Height x Length
AP1 2.5mm 75mm (approx 3") x
BP1 2.5mm 100mm (approx 4") x
CP1 2.5mm 125mm (approx 5") x

EverEdge ProEdge (minimum order 20 pieces)

EverEdge is sold by the length and comes in the standard brown colour. Other colours can be produced upon request.

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